Ristorante Palazzo

Restaurant and Pizzeria Palazzo

This restaurant has a lunch-menu

We keep a very close connection with our restaurant owners. You'll always find the latest lunch menu options here.

Ristorante Palazzo
Restaurant and Pizzeria Palazzo

Since 2011, Palazzo offers an excellent selection across the italian cuisine. They offer great dinner options and an amazing lunch menu deal. Their key virtues are tradition and hospitality, which are both highly valued by their guests - along with the friendly and layed-back atmosphere.

Relax after a tough day at work - in the restaurant, at the bar or on the terrace right outside the restaurant.

Palazzo is enclosed mostly by glass windows instead of concrete walls, resulting in a great view into the restaurant. Beautiful painting and modern furniture accentuate the lounge atmosphere. In the heart of te restaurant is an open kitchen. Enjoy the scent and the atmosphere of italy - no matter if you're out for dinner with your friends or if you're here on business to have a quick bite.

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